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woodshop diaries

Woodshop Diaries, by Shara Gee, is the first of its kind, where readers can find inspiration for their own projects and learn the techniques needed to make a variety of furniture pieces. It is full of photos, detailed plans, and step-by-step instruction for making your own tables, chairs, desks, and more. You’ll also find lots of DIY tips and advice, from choosing the right materials to installing your new creations.

Shara’s latest kitchen project was a huge success

The latest kitchen project by Shara Ross of Woodshop Diaries is a winner. Not only is it functional, it’s also one of the most stylish rooms in the house. Taking advantage of the fact that the kitchen is a focal point of the house, the designer was able to incorporate an elegant curved backsplash, a built-in microwave and a reclaimed wood cabinetry.

It’s no surprise that the project was a huge success; the design was a perfect fit for the home. But what made the project worthy of a special mention was the fact that the kitchen was open to the rest of the living space, allowing for plenty of interaction with guests.

DIY furniture pieces

There are a lot of DIY furniture pieces you can make for your home. You can have a stylish dining table, or an elegant kid’s bed. There are even pet bed nightstands and elegant TV consoles. But finding perfect furniture isn’t easy. Furniture can be expensive, and it’s hard to find the right piece.

It’s not as hard as it looks, and there are a number of sites that sell DIY furniture pieces. Some sites offer step-by-step tutorials, while others provide links to reference material. The most common material used in DIY projects is wood. Fortunately, many websites have natural wood and contemporary rustic tables, as well as vintage-inspired designs. A few of the more popular websites include Honeybear Lane, Lovely Indeed, and Woodshop Diaries.

Many of the pieces featured in these websites have clean lines and are made from natural wood. These are perfect for people who prefer simple and classic designs. However, you can also choose to create a table with a more unique style.


One of the most popular sites on the internet, Woodshop Diaries, provides DIY enthusiasts with a wealth of project ideas. The site’s founder, Shara Ross, works as both a manufacturing engineer and a woodworker. She also produces videos on YouTube, and she’s had a popular channel for the past four years.

A few years ago, Shara decided to make a change in her life. She started remodeling her home. She found that she wanted to learn more about woodworking. After that, she began building furniture with her dad. Since then, she’s been blogging about her projects at Woodshop Diaries. And now, her website contains excellent photographs. You can also check out her store for rustic and contemporary dining tables.

If you’re in the market for a new dining table, you can browse through the designs in the store and then tailor your design to fit your style. Shara’s site has some great photos, so it’s a great resource for those interested in the process of making their own furniture.