wood turning lathe

Wood Turning Lathe Accessories

wood turning lathe

The wood turning lathe is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide variety of projects. It’s a great investment for any aspiring craftsman.

Basic tools

If you’re new to wood turning, you might be surprised at the variety of tools you need. While there’s no shortage of wood lathe accessories, there are a few basic ones you should have on hand. These can help you get started, and they’ll also allow you to get the best results from your turn.

The bowl gouge is a versatile wood lathe tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. It’s ideal for hollowing out the interior of a bowl, and it can remove a lot of stock in a single pass. This type of tool can also be used to create a cove in spindles.

A skew chisel is a useful and versatile wood lathe tool, but it can be hard to use. You need to be careful when using it, as the tip can catch your workpiece as it spins. And, be sure to make your cuts at a 45 degree angle.

There’s another tool you need to know about: the parting tool. It’s designed to help you clean up finished work from the lathe.


The base of wood turning lathes is a sturdy disk that holds the headstock spindle. Wood turning lathes have a variety of tools for different tasks.

To turn a smooth round work piece, you need to hold a cutting tool so that it barely contacts the wood. Increasing the lathe’s speed will also help.

In general, the wood lathe is a quiet machine. However, it’s still wise to wear protective clothing. Loose clothing can get caught in the rotating equipment, and can be a fire hazard.

To avoid getting tangled up, make sure you use leather steel-toe boots. Other precautions include removing loose clothing and using paper towels to avoid snags.

If you’re new to the world of wood turning, there are many tools you should be familiar with. For example, a center finder template can be useful for marking the drive spur of a turn.

Before you begin, read your owner’s manual. It contains important information about the specifications of your lathe, as well as safety and maintenance instructions.


A wood turning lathe is a machine that helps you to make custom candle sticks, bowls, plates and other forms of wooden objects. There are several types of lathes to choose from. They are generally categorized by size.

A wood turning lathe can have a number of different accessories. Some of these include a parting chisel, a double ground flat chisel, a spear chisel and a skew chisel.

The headstock is the main body of the lathe. It is cast iron or steel. Depending on the model, it may have a power switch or an electric motor. These can be hidden beneath the headstock.

Wood turning involves removing pieces of wood until you are left with a cylindrical or round object. Before turning, it is important to ensure that the lathe is free from dust and wood chips. You will also want to check that the lathe bed is clean.

Another piece of equipment on a lathe is the tailstock. This keeps the work piece firmly against the headstock. Most modern lathes have an integral electric motor.

Tool rest

There are many types of tool rests available for wood turning lathes. Some are standard, some are specialty, and some are specially designed to fit in tight spaces.

A standard wood lathe tool rest is called a straight edge rest. The height of the tool rest is critical for cutting wood surfaces. It should be the same height as the center of the workpiece. This allows for smooth transit of the tool along the rest.

Most standard tool rests are made of cast iron. These need periodic draw filing to keep them usable.

The Axminster Woodturning Tool Rest System is a durable steel alloy system that includes curved and straight rests. Each system includes a mounting plate, middleman, and tool post. It can be mounted to 14″ to 20″ swing swivel-head wood lathes.

Another type of tool rest is the T-Bar Modular Tool Rest System. This system has several posts with a 3/4″ round guide bar. Changing tool bars is easy with the system’s interchangeable design.