katz moses woodworking

What’s Up With Jonathan Katz-Moses on Etsy?

katz moses woodworking

Jonathan Katz-Moses is a self-taught woodworker who started his career in the year 2015. Since then, he has been able to generate an annual income of $491,423 with the sale of his various products on Etsy. He has also started his own YouTube channel where he markets his products to potential customers.

Jonathan Katz-Moses started woodworking in 2015

Jonathan Katz-Moses is a woodworking entrepreneur and designer who has become famous on YouTube. He’s been crowned king of the dovetail joint. His woodworking videos feature tips, techniques, and advice for getting the most out of your shop. In addition to videos, he also created a company, Katz-Moses Tools, that sells a wide variety of products.

At age fourteen, Katz-Moses started his first business. After building his first piece of furniture, he realized he was passionate about it. That’s when he started creating his own woodworking tools. Eventually, he landed on a magnetic dovetail jig, which makes it easy to hand cut perfect dovetails. Since then, he’s been creating more and more products, which are geared towards the production woodworking market.

He also made a router plane. He used a Snapmaker2.0 A 350 to cut a dado in the base with precision. He later switched to using two part urethane to make the tool more durable.

He started his YouTube channel to market his product

Katz Moses Tools is a one-stop shop for all things woodworking. Not only does it offer free design plans, product reviews, and tutorials, but it also features a dedicated community of fellow craftsmen and women. From dovetail jigs to sanders and finishers, you will find everything you need to make your dream project a reality.

The company started out as a tool and furniture company, and the site still offers products aimed at the DIY and professional woodworker alike. But the site has gotten a makeover lately as it has expanded its online reach and added new products and services. Among its offerings are the new and improved dovetail jig, which is designed to make dovetail cuts in a single pass. There are also a host of helpful articles on jig design, dovetail cuts, and how to use your jig to get a perfect dovetail every time.

He sells his products on Etsy

Katz-Moses is a small independent woodworker based in Baltimore, Maryland. Dan was an aviation maintenance technician, but now he’s a full-time maker and runs his shop in the basement of his home. He sells his woodworking products on Etsy. Here’s a look at what he’s been up to in the past few weeks.

Mike has been working on a lot of secret projects. This month he finished a book match on a walnut table and is also finishing a zebra wood countertop. But he’s also doing a lot of housework. One of the things he’s been doing is making a new design for the learning tower. And he’s also wrapping up audio grounding boxes. Another big job is an oak door.

He’s gotten some cool customer interaction, too. A guy from California saw one of his pieces and asked to have it made into a table. When he came home, he invited Mike and Pete. They’ve been helping him with that.