What is a Chain Mortiser?

A chain mortiser is a tool that uses a chain to cut square holes in wood. These machines can be portable or stationary and are useful for a wide range of woodworking projects.

A chain mortiser is an extremely powerful machine that can produce a high level of efficiency and time savings. It also has a number of adjustments that allow it to be used for different jobs.


A portable chain mortiser is a great tool for on-site work such as home building. It can be used for making square holes in wood, and is particularly useful for post and beam construction.

A chain mortiser can be plunged deeply into the wood to make a cut. This allows a much larger hole than other types of mortisers, and can also allow the machine to be held for more precise cuts.

The chain is run around a bar, much like a chainsaw; the bar can be changed over for different sizes of mortises. The chain may be carbide-tipped, which helps to produce smoother, cleaner cuts.

The Mafell LS 103 Ec is a unique lightweight morticer, which is extremely convenient for use on timber frame structures and during finishing and renovation work. Its long guide plate has a wide adjusting range, and the tensioning system allows for fast chain replacement and even retightening without removing the chain guard.


The stationary chain mortiser is a machine that can be used to make square holes in wood, usually for post and beam fittings. The machine works a bit like a drill press, but the chain runs around a bar instead of a handle.

The chain can be plunged quite deep into the wood, making it an excellent tool for cutting large mortises and tenon joints. It also can remove a lot of material very quickly, so portable chain mortisers are often used for on-site jobs such as home building construction.

The stationary chain mortiser can be a great tool for the shop and can cut rectangular and round holes in wood up to 130 mm long and 155 mm deep. It is also an extremely versatile machine that allows you to make a variety of different cuts without having to re-clamp each piece of wood. Its unique lightweight design makes it easy to use in a workshop or on the jobsite and can even be operated with one hand.


A chain mortiser is a tool that can cut square holes in wood. This type of machine is often used to create mortise and tenon joints or post and beam fittings, and it can remove a lot of material very quickly. The chain itself runs around a bar, much like the design of a chainsaw but usually on a smaller scale.

Unlike hollow chisels, which can leave whiskers or splinters, the cutting chain on a chain mortiser is designed to make smooth and clean cuts that are quite square. This is because the chain has teeth that are spaced out to create a smooth and flat surface for the cut to follow. This is one of the reasons why a chain mortiser is the power tool of choice for timber framing. In addition to the aforementioned cutting capabilities, chain mortisers have all kinds of other features. Some even have a clever adjustment that allows them to make a double plunge cut.


A chain mortiser is a type of woodworking machine that cuts square holes into a piece of wood. It can be used to create mortise and tenon joints or post and beam fittings. Like other mortisers, it uses a hollow square-sided chisel to cut into the wood, but a chain mortiser is faster and can be plunged deep into the wood for deeper cuts.

The cutting chain will be looped around a pulley, which is attached to a motor. As the pulley spins, the chain will rotate rapidly around a guide bar, making it possible to cut very quickly. For larger jobs, multiple chains may be mounted next to each other to create a wider cutting tool. The chain itself may be carbide-tipped to provide clean, sharp cuts.