Types of Wood Carving Chisels

A wood carving chisel is one of the most important tools in the art of wood working. There are many different types of chisels available for sale, each with their own special purpose.

Wood carving chisels are essential for any carver who wants to produce great work. These tools are not only used for flattening and paring a piece of wood, but they also help to achieve various shapes and cuts that are difficult with other types of chisels.

Straight “U” Gouge

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned woodcarver, it is vital to have the right tools for your projects. One of the most basic carving tools is the wood carving chisel.

A gouge is a curved wood carving chisel. It is used for making grooves and holes, as well as for other carving purposes.

It can be used on green wood and dry wood. A gouge is also a useful tool for applying stop-cuts because it does not get stuck in the wood like a chisel would.

Carving gouges are available in a variety of sizes, sweeps, and handle configurations. This makes it difficult to choose the right tool for your projects.

Curved “U” Gouge

A curved “U” gouge is a type of chisel that is often used for bowl carving. It can also be used for deep cuts and roughing-out operations.

This curved gouge is good for removing large amounts of material quickly, especially when cutting curves. It also allows you to carve more intricate shapes and textures.

The sweep of the blade is a very important factor when using a curved gouge. The deeper the sweep, the more wood you can remove.

The curved gouge is a great tool for sculptors and relief carvers. It can help you create a wide range of shapes and textures, including curves, hollows, and bevels.

Bench Knife

The bench knife is a hand-held culinary tool with multiple purposes. It is rigid, thin and rectangular with a handle on one long side made of wood, plastic or metal.

The blade is typically hardened to a certain level of hardness, known as the HRC, which helps to maintain its sharpness over time. Ideally, the hardness should be between 57 and 62, allowing for good balance between hardness and durability.

This knife is a great choice for whittling and chip carving small, solid wood pieces to create figurines and sculptures, such as animals or car models. It has a wooden handle and is made from high-carbon steel, providing an edge that is durable for a variety of projects.

Straight Knife

A straight knife is the most basic type of wood carving knife and is ideal for general carving and roughing out projects. They come in several different sizes and are also available with curved blades that are perfect for fine detail work.

A pull cut, or paring cut, is a common detail cut that helps carvers remove small pieces of wood in tricky areas. To make a pull cut, put your opposite thumb on the hilt of the knife and rotate outward.

This is one of the easiest and safest cuts to make, so practice it frequently on a scrap piece of wood until you can make it perfectly. Use a carving glove or thumb guard when working with this cut, and always keep your fingers and other body parts clear of the blade.

Chip Carving Knife

The chip carving knife is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of wood-carving projects. It is easy to use and is effective for removing chips and creating beautiful designs.

The knife is available in a wide range of sizes and blade shapes, allowing you to create whatever design you want. There are also chisel-shaped blades that allow you to make fine details.

The blade is made of carbon steel, which allows it to retain its edge for a long time. It is also easy to sharpen with sandpaper or a sharpening stone. It is also designed to be ergonomic, allowing you to work for extended periods of time without hand fatigue.