Types of Chisels

Whether you’re looking to get your first woodworking project underway or are an experienced pro, the right set of chisels can make a huge difference. We’ll explore the different types of chisels and what they do, as well as how to use them safely and effectively.

A good chisel should be comfortable and ergonomic in the hand, as well as easy to sharpen. It should also have a ferrule at the handle’s end, which keeps it from splitting when you use it with a hammer or mallet.


The handle of a Marples chisel is usually made of wood and can be shaped into a faceted shape. However, it is difficult to make a perfectly round chisel handle without the use of a lathe.

Early chisels made by RECORD RIDGWAY TOOLS LIMITED [later known as MARPLES] were often branded with ‘MADE IN SHEFFIELD ENGLAND’ electro etched on the blade and had an Oval ‘Marples’ emblem on the handle with Blue Edge protectors. Later chisels also have a Silver surface applied MARPLES name on the handle and may have an impressed ‘Man in Safety Goggles’ emblem on the top of the handle.

These ‘Record’ and ‘Marples’ chisels were intended for trade use and the earlier ones had a ‘tapered’ neck to the blade with an electro etched SHEFFIELD ENGLAND on the top of the blade, but by 1986 this was changed to a ’round’ neck. The ‘tapered’ neck is still available on some of the ‘Record’ and ‘Marples’ B/E chisels.


The blade of a marples chisel is what you get when you combine the best in class hardened steel with clever design. These chisels will be in your toolbox for the long haul. Whether you’re building cabinets or furniture, these chisels are the perfect companion. The best part is they can be stored neatly when not in use. IRWIN also offers a line of chisel sets that include multiple sizes and types to suit your needs.

The newest addition to the marples line is a full line of fine woodworking saw blades and a bevel edge chisel set. The new line boasts the most cutting edge technology in the industry. The aforementioned laser-cut, thin kerf woodworking saw blades feature extra-sharp, oversized carbide teeth for extended life and multiple re-sharpenings. They are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Italy to the highest quality specifications. They are a must have for any professional woodworker or remodeler in the know. The aforementioned bevel edge chisel set, on the other hand, features a 3 piece all-purpose “ProTouch” handle and a solid forged chrome vanadium steel blade for superior performance.


The edge of a marples chisel is very important as it determines the sharpness and durability of the tool. The edge can be made from chrome vanadium steel, forged steel or hardened steel depending on its use.

The IRWIN M373 set of 6 split proof bevel edge wood chisels have one piece blades and bolsters for strength, improved sharpness, edge retention and safety of use. The blade is forged from the best category steel for increased edge durability and they come with split proof handles to withstand heavy-duty use.

These chisels are a great addition to the IRWIN line of Marples chisels. They have large metal striking caps to withstand hammer impacts, prolong the life of the handle and prevent mushrooming. They also have ProTouch handles which are designed to provide extra comfort, reduce vibrations and hand fatigue and help to increase work efficiency. The chisels are also manufactured from special tool steel which ensures a much sharper cutting edge, for quicker and easier operation.


Chisels are a vital tool in every woodworker’s arsenal. They help sculpt and shape wood, fashion intricate mortise joints, and cut dovetails. There are several types of chisels, and each one has specific characteristics that will make it ideal for certain applications.

Some chisels are made from regular tool steel (also known as high carbon or carbon steel), while others are made from vanadium or other high-carbon steels. Both have different advantages and disadvantages.

Regardless of their metal, chisels have to be sharp in order to work properly. Some are designed to be very sharp and easy to sharpen, while others are meant to be honed to a very fine edge.

Marples has a long heritage in the woodworking industry, and their tools are renowned for superior performance and ultimate precision. Their chisels are also extremely comfortable to use and are very durable.