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Top 5 Router Fences for Router Tables

router fence

A router table is a stationary woodworking machine which contains a spindle protruding from its table. The spindle can spin at speeds from 3000 to 24,000 rpm. In addition, a cutter head can be mounted in the spindle chuck.

JessEm 4010

JessEm 4010 Master Fence II is a heavy duty fence that is ideal for use with a variety of router tables. It is constructed from a heavy duty aluminum L-fence, and it also includes a dual track fastening system for fast, repeatable set-ups.

The JessEm 4010 fence is designed to offer a massive improvement over the standard router table fence adjustment system. The fence is anchored with lock down knobs on the backside, which provides reliable work support. Also, it features a dust extraction port to remove excess dust and shavings. These features are perfect for routing jobs, because it helps keep your workspace clean.

The fence is made of anodized aluminum, and it boasts a high-quality finish. This ensures optimal accuracy. Additionally, the face of the fence is plated with melamine for smooth gliding.

Carter Magfence II V2

The Carter Magfence II V2 is a magnetic fence with some pretty cool features. It attaches magnetically to a ferrous metal table, and features an adjustable fence surface. This allows for quick and precise positioning of smaller pieces.

The magfence is a fast and efficient way to attach a rip fence. The MagFence uses powerful rare-earth magnets to quickly and securely hold the rip fence in place. As a result, it’s a cinch to use and cost-effective.

Aside from being a great way to secure a rip fence, the magfence is also a nice tool for making quick and accurate measurements. Its teeter-totter style design features two Magswitch 150’s, which are removable and switchable. These two little gems provide instant adjustments and the ability to be aligned to fit your table.

Kreg Precision Router Table Fence

If you’re looking to pick up a new router table and aren’t sure what to get, the Kreg Precision Router Table Fence may be the answer to your prayers. Aside from being a robust and dependable option, it also boasts a couple of features that most competitors can’t touch. Whether it’s the impressive one-inch thick MDF core or the integrated extraction module, you know you’re getting a stable and durable setup.

The real meat of the package is the well designed fence, which can be hung on a table that has a plate thickness from 19 to 38 mm. As mentioned, it’s a worthy contender for the coveted router table of the year award.

Incra LS17 Super Systems with INCRA Router Lift

Incra’s LS17 Super Systems are one of the best fence systems out there. The system is built on two main parts. A router table and a dovetail jig. This combination provides an unparalleled level of accuracy and convenience.

A router table is a popular tool in most woodworking shops. It allows the woodworker to produce box joints, raised panel doors with full zero clearance, and rough lumber edge jointing to name a few. For most of us, a router table is the second most utilized tool in the shop. That’s why it is so important to find a quality router table that is well built.

The Incra LS17 Super System is one of the most comprehensive and accurate fence systems on the market. Although it may not be for the budget conscious, the LS17 is well worth the investment. One of its most interesting features is the dust port. Usually, a router table’s dust port is located behind the cutting board, but the LS17 Super System has a unique design.

Taytools 300015

The Taytools 300015 router fence is made of anodized aluminum. It is three-and-a-half inches tall, has a 2-1/4-inch dust collection port, and a heavy-duty bit guard. You can attach a number of accessories to it.

With its reversible flip stop and T-slots, the full-featured system allows you to perform all of your fence functions with your router table. The adjustable bit guard and feather board provide added control.

Aside from its durable design, the Taytools 300015 router fence features a measuring scale and a quarter-turn locking mechanism. This makes it easy to adjust the fence to the required length.

This fence is made of anodized aluminum, which ensures optimal cleanliness and accuracy. It weighs 18 pounds and measures 39.5 x 5 x 5 inches.

Incra LS25 Standard System

The Incra LS25 Standard System router fence is a comprehensive set of precision positioning equipment. Its compact design makes it an attractive addition to any modern shop.

It features a patented Lead Screw technology that allows for accurate and repeatable fence positions. The clamping mechanism engages a 5/8″ diameter, 32 tpi stainless-steel lead screw.

It’s also equipped with a micro-adjust knob for fine adjustment of the fence in 0.025mm increments. Using this system is as easy as pointing the unit to the position you want, using the lever to raise or lower the lead screw, and turning the knob to make the adjustments. This device will work for many different types of fences, from drill press to band saw to table saw.