wood whisperer guild

The Wood Whisperer Guild

wood whisperer guild

If you’re looking for information about the Wood Whisperer Guild, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss what projects the guild offers, what questions you might have about the guild, and more.

Marc Spagnuolo

A world-renowned woodworker, The Wood Whisperer has accumulated over 25 million views on YouTube. This YouTube channel features videos on furniture, milling lumber, and other aspects of the craft. There is also a podcast with woodworking enthusiast Matt Brigham, and guest instructors who show off their skills. All of the content is copyrighted.

The Wood Whisperer is a woodworker who began his career in the biotechnology industry. After becoming passionate about woodworking, he pursued an apprenticeship with woodworking personality David Marks. He has now become a popular woodworking expert on YouTube and has his own website. In addition, he hosts an online video podcast.

Marc Spagnuolo, the man behind the Wood Whisperer Guild, started making videos about woodworking after realizing a need for a good resource. The YouTube channel is popular, with over 240,000 subscribers. Some of his videos include a guide on how to create burn-free edges using flush trim bits, and a tutorial on how to pillow ebony peg ends. Another tutorial shows how to use a thinned varnish to finish wood. He also provides additional joinery styles.

The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer Guild is a site where you can find detailed project plans and the tools to go along with them. They also offer a two year warranty on all parts. So you can rest assured that your new table is in good hands. Moreover, you’ll get some useful information about woodworking in general.

It’s no surprise that the Wood Whisperer is one of the world’s best known and most respected woodworkers. He’s taken part in the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer program, which harnesses the whacky and zany woodworking community in the name of research and scholarship. And he’s got a YouTube channel to boot. As a result, you can get all your questions answered from the pros.

Not only is he a woodworker, he’s also a philanthropist. One of his projects will be the aforementioned table and chair set for the kids. Moreover, he’s got a swanky website to boot.


The Wood Whisperer Guild is an online woodworking school that specializes in free task courses and venture video courses. Their teachers have unique ways of handling the art of woodworking. As a Guild member, you can view a list of presentations that are available to the public, or you can log in to access a list of videos and courses that are exclusive to Guild members. You can also browse through the presentations that are offered on a variety of topics.

When you visit the Wood Whisperer Guild website, you will find that there is a huge inventory of premium venture courses and tasks available. New courses are added constantly. The courses are available in a wide range of price points, from free to top-of-the-line. There is a lot to choose from, but you can narrow your search by choosing one of three categories: Free Courses, Venture Video Courses, or Venture Task Courses. If you want to learn to mill wood, build furniture, or any other woodworking projects, you can learn from the many teachers at the Guild.