leigh dovetail jig

The Leigh D4R and D4R Pro Dovetail Jigs

leigh dovetail jig

If you’re looking for a great dovetail jig for your woodworking projects, then you should consider the Leigh D4R or Leigh D4R Pro. Both of these jigs are designed to be sturdy, easy to use, and they are also reasonably priced.

D4R vs D4R Pro

Dovetail jigs are used for creating dovetails. The design of the tails and the spacing of the pins determine the appearance of the dovetail joints. The Leigh D4R and Leigh D4R Pro dovetail jigs are among the best on the market. Both have features that make them suitable for a variety of applications.

The D4R has a stepped upper stop that makes working with the jig easier. It also features a 3/8″ recess for rabbeted boards. This provides added stability and allows faster feed rates.

The D4R Pro is the premium model. It includes a standard dovetail finger assembly and a number of accessories. These include a 1/2″ to 8mm collet reducer, an extra dovetail bit, and a template.

It also has a built-in scale that provides fine adjustment for through dovetail fit. The elliptical e7 guide bushing can be rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise for a tighter or looser fit.

This jig can handle boards up to 24″ in length. It can also create sliding dovetails and box joints.


Dovetails are an essential feature in woodwork for centuries. They are typically seen as a sign of quality workmanship. To create these joints by hand requires a lot of practice and skill. Using a dovetail jig can make the process easier.

The Leigh D4R-24 Dovetail Jig is the perfect solution for creating through dovetails. This jig offers a range of versatile features, including variable spacing, adjustable guide fingers, and a full 24″ (600mm) capacity. In addition, it provides precise vertical and horizontal stock control.

The Jig body features an aluminum extrusion base and non-marring textured clamping surfaces. It also includes cast metal end housings that securely hold the jig to the workbench. The D4R-24 also features a 3/8″ recess for rabbeted boards, as well as machined-in side stops.

With the D4R-24, users can create through dovetails or half-blind dovetails. These can be done easily by flipping the finger assembly over. Also, the jig comes with three carbide router bits.

D4R-Pro instructions

The Leigh D4R-Pro dovetail jig is a versatile and reliable router based dovetail machine. It has been refined over 30 years and is the perfect combination of quality and versatility. As a result, it can be used to make an array of joints, including box and sliding dovetails, half-blind dovetails, and even intricate joinery.

Designed with precision, the Leigh D4R-Pro dovetail machine makes routing through dovetail joints simple. A single pass creates a strong, precise, and perfectly fitting joint.

This dovetail jig features a standard dovetail finger assembly, along with a unique router guide around each guide finger. These can be adjusted for a snug-fitting joint.

The jig body is made of an extruded aluminum frame. It features non-marring textured clamping surfaces and quick-acting cams to secure boards. For a more convenient fit, you can use the included collet reducer.

This jig is built to handle joinery up to 24″ long and 1-1/4″ thick. It features a 3/8″ recess in the base for rabbeted boards.


Leigh’s dovetail jig is one of the most popular and effective jigs on the market. Unlike other dovetail jigs, this jig offers a full array of joints, including sliding dovetails and half-blind dovetails. These joints can be used to create anything from box ends to hidden dovetails on drawer fronts.

This dovetail jig is designed to make dovetail joints quickly and easily. The base is CNC machined on the front and includes sidestops that ensure accurate joint alignment. It also has a finger assembly, which is removable for easier use.

Its elliptical guide bushings guarantee perfect box joint fit. The bushings are also long-lasting and will work with most router base plates.

Leigh also provides online instructional videos and toll-free technical support. All customers are automatically issued periodic issues of Leigh eNews.

Leigh’s dovetail jigs are larger and more versatile than other jigs. Because of this, they are more expensive. Luckily, they also come with a five-year warranty. If something goes wrong, they will fix it or replace it.