The Grizzly Shaper is a Must-Have Woodworking Tool

Whether you’re cutting ornamental edges on straight stock for drawer fronts, picture frames, or panels, or edging curved stock, a shaper is a must-have woodworking tool.

The best shapers have a motor capable of spinning the spindle at about 10,000 rpm. That allows for a bit that is much larger than a router bit and produces a better cut.

Table Size

Shapers come in all sizes, from small benchtop models with less than one horsepower to industrial units that have two or more horsepower. They also vary in the diameter of their spindles, which range from half-inch to one-quarter inch. They accept router bits, which are threaded on the end of the shaft. Some shapers have cutter collets to accommodate different-sized cutters. They can be used for sanding clamping, routing and assembly tasks.

The G0510Z Shaper is equipped with a 1 HP motor that rotates a 3″-long, 1/2″-diameter spindle at 13,200 RPM. It features a surface ground cast iron table that is durable and slippery smooth, while the fence is independently adjustable to compensate for different cutting thicknesses and special shaping applications. The G0510Z also comes with a manual written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department, which is packed with helpful information. Parts for the shaper can be purchased online or shipped from the Grizzly parts warehouse in Springfield, Missouri.

Cutter Capacity

Grizzly shapers have a lot of power to play with. A 1 HP motor spins a pair of interchangeable spindles at 7000 and 10,000 RPMs, while a forward/reverse switch lets you start and stop the rotation with ease. The aforementioned 3″-long, 1/2″ diameter spindle is mounted to a precision-ground cast-iron table that’s equipped with hold-down springs. A table insert with four possible opening diameters offers more support for your workpiece and a lower chip count than the competition. The G0510Z shaper is also the most affordable one we’ve tested. It’s got all the features you need to build cabinet doors.


The grizzly shaper may be the largest, heaviest and most expensive woodworking tool you’ll ever own, but it also happens to be the fastest, most efficient and safest to operate. With a motor boasting up to half a horsepower, it’s no wonder this is the machine of choice for a whole range of applications, from cabinet making to large-scale commercial logging. A top-of-the line shaper is also likely to feature a number of patented technologies, including a dual spindle system for more power and better control over the blades, and an advanced motor cooling system. You’ll also find features that make your job easier, like a cleverly designed, easy-to-use system for cleaning up the workpiece mess, and a safety first approach to preventing operator injury.


The G1026 Heavy-Duty Shaper is a full-featured machine with plenty of power. It has 1 motor, a surface ground cast iron table, and an adjustable fence. It also features a spindle enclosure guard that protects the cutterhead and chip throwers from exposure while the machine is in operation. It also has a reversing switch and accepts both 1/4′′ and 1/2′′ router bits.

The G1026 is shipped from the manufacturer in a well-packed carton. You may need to disassemble and reassemble the machine to use it. It is recommended that you read the instruction manual carefully. The manual was written by our U.S. based Technical Documentation Department and includes detailed information about how to assemble the machine. It also contains parts breakdowns for the machine and stand assembly.