The Dovetail Jig For Router

dovetail jig for router

The dovetail jig for router is a great tool for every woodworker to have on hand. Whether you are making furniture, tables, cabinets, or a range of other items, a dovetail jig will keep your projects smooth and accurate.

Leigh 4DR Pro

The Leigh 4DR Pro dovetail jig is the most versatile dovetail jig available today. This jig allows you to make through dovetails, half blind dovetails, box joints, and more. It is suitable for use with a handheld router or a router table.

The jig body is constructed from extruded aluminum and includes a 160-page manual, quick-acting cams, and adjustable guide fingers. It can be used with a variety of router bit sets, including the Infinity Tools dovetail bit set.

The jig can accept boards up to 24 inches wide. With its adjustable finger assembly, it is easy to set up through dovetails. Half-blind dovetails can be easily accomplished using the included 1/2″ x 14 degree x 8mm dovetail bit.

The jig can handle up to two boards at a time. The base features non-marring textured clamping surfaces, while the side stops keep the jig level.

The jig body has a dual-function spacer that allows for routing of 3/8″ and 3/4″ box joints. A 1/2″ to 8mm collet reducer is also included.


Dovetails are a type of wood joint that is widely considered to be a sign of craftsmanship. They are strong and durable and are perfect for use in fine furniture. Many craftsmen make dovetail joints with a woodworking chisel, mallet, or a dovetail jig. But for many woodworkers, they prefer to use a special dovetail router jig to get the job done.

A dovetail jig makes it easier for you to cut perfectly interlocking pins and tails. This jig is part of a three-part series of tools that Porter Cable offers. You can purchase a dovetail jig separately or as a complete package.

A dovetail jig for a router has a steel base that bolts directly to your work bench. The templates are machined aluminum and are very durable. These templates allow you to cut dovetails in both full and half-blind styles.

Porter-Cable has created a 12-inch dovetail jig kit that includes a jig, templates, and a saw blade. It also includes a template for box joints. In addition, the jig comes with a swivel dust attachment and adapters for 1-1/2″, 2″, and 2-1/2″ hoses.


The Keller 1500 Journeyman dovetail jig is a simple, affordable, clamp-on dovetail system designed for beginning woodworkers. It’s built from high quality components, which makes it virtually foolproof.

This jig can be used with a variety of router bits to create dovetail joints, box joints, and finger joints. It comes with a phenolic guide, ball-bearing template guides, and a standard dovetail bit. Using the dovetail jig will produce clean, snug fitting joints in just a few minutes.

Dovetail jigs have an inbuilt gauge to help you set the height of your router bit. Some jigs also have an anti-slip mat to prevent your jig from sliding around on your table.

Amana Tool offers several different name brand dovetail jig bits. These bits allow you to make half-blind dovetails, as well as angled dovetails, box joints, and many other types of dovetail joints.

The Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Joinery Jig is an alternative to bench-mounted dovetail jigs. The jig is constructed from durable materials and incorporates elliptical guide brushes for precision adjustments during operation.

General Tools 861 Portable Aluminum Dovetail Jig

If you want to join wood together without the use of nails or screws, a dovetail jig is a great option. These jigs clamp the workpiece in place so that the router can run along the template. This ensures that the joints are secure, strong, and have plenty of room for glue.

Dovetail jigs come in different styles. Some are inexpensive and light, while others are more expensive and heavier. You should choose the one that works best for you.

The General Tools 861 Portable Aluminum Dovetail Jig is a good choice for people who want to create dovetail joints. It can be used with a table saw or a handheld router. Unlike other dovetail jigs, the 861 has an open-ended design that allows for the jig to be used on boards of any width.

However, the jig is relatively expensive. Also, it doesn’t have attachments, such as rabbet cutters and collars. Therefore, you may need to invest in a rabbet cutter and other accessories when you get it.