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Rockler wood is your one-stop shop for high quality & innovative woodworking tools, finishing supplies, hardware, lumber & expert advice. Family owned since 1954, Rockler is your source for a huge selection of top brands at competitive prices.

Rockler also supports a number of arts organizations and charities through the hard work of employees and volunteers. Its commitment to the Hardwood Forestry Fund (HFF) is a big part of that.

Corner Key Doweling Jig

The Corner Key Doweling Jig enables you to make quick, strong dowel joints. Small, round wooden pegs are inserted into perfectly matched holes on corresponding boards and then glued to reinforce the joint.

This jig is easy to use and accurate, which means you can create the perfect dowel joints for your project every time. It also features an interchangeable set of hardened steel bushing blocks so you can drill as many matching holes as you need, providing stronger joints.

It also has a rock-solid fence that adjusts in 1/32″ increments from just 7/32″ from the centerline up to 1-3/8″. The fence keeps alignment straight with precision milled teeth that engage between the base and the fence.

The jig also features a see-thru reference line to help you layout your dowel holes easily. It’s a great tool for woodworkers who don’t want to waste time marking or transferring marks from the face of the stock to the edge.

Miter Corner Jig

A miter corner is a type of joint used to join two pieces of wood that are cut at a 45 degree angle. You can use a hand saw, circular saw or table saw to make these angled cuts.

Unlike coping the joints, mitering doesn’t require much setup time or special tools. It’s an effective way to build baseboards, crown molding and other types of woodworking millwork.

But miters can have a few issues, especially when the project is made from polyurethane or MDF. Those materials expand and contract seasonally, which can cause the outside tips of the pockets to open up.

To solve this problem, some carpenters add wood glue to seal up the gaps. That helps to limit moisture change, which can affect the look and strength of the joint.

Another method is to rub the joint with a screwdriver shank or any hard, smooth tool. This works well on small gaps, but it won’t close large ones. If the gap is significant, a corner clamp is a better option.

Router Bits

A good router bit is one of the most important tools for a woodworker. It can make a difference between a quality project and a botched one, so it’s worth spending some time to pick the right bits for your needs.

Most router bits have a shank and a body that contains the cutter or cutters. The shank is inserted into the collet of your router and is secured with a collet nut.

The body is usually made from high-speed steel (HSS) but some bits also have carbide tips fused to them, which are harder than steel but are brittle and can be damaged if dropped.

Router bits can cut a wide variety of shapes, including straight grooves with the wood grain, against the grain, and along the edge to produce an L-shaped shoulder or “rabbet” joint. These cuts are used in a number of different joinery applications.

Some router bits can be operated only in a table-mounted router, such as stile-and-rail or panel-raising bits. This is because these types of bits require a table-mounted router with a variable-speed feature to safely operate.

Woodworking Classes

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned woodworker, Rockler has a class that will suit your needs. During their in-store sessions, you’ll learn a new skill from an expert and leave with your own project to show off.

Throughout the month of October, Rockler will be offering make and take classes in their stores nationwide. These classes are a great way to get a jump start on holiday gifts, or just to learn a new hobby!

The Maplewood, MN store offers a variety of hands-on woodworking classes that range from building cheese boards and rustic welcome signs to knife making. All of their classes are taught by experienced woodworkers and are aimed at beginners and hobbyists alike.

In addition to a variety of classes, Rockler also sells power tools like Festool and SawStop. Their stores offer in-store tool demos, and they have a specialized space for lumber shopping.