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Reddit Subreddits For Woodworking

reddit woodworking

If you’re a beginner or professional woodworker, reddit is an excellent place to find answers to your questions. You’ll also find people from all over the world who are willing to share their expertise with you.

Below are some sub-reddits that focus on woodworking. They’re all free to join and worth checking out!


Woodworking is an art that requires a lot of time, dedication, and knowledge. It’s also a good way to save money and help the environment. If you are interested in learning how to build things with your hands, Reddit has a lot of subreddits where you can get advice from professional woodworkers or just show off the cool projects that you’ve made.

The /r/woodworking subreddit is a huge group with over 3 million members. It supports any type of woodworking project, whether it’s done as a hobby or professionally. You can share how-to pages, videos, and pictures of your creations here. This is a place for beginners and professionals to come together and talk about everything about woodworking.

This subreddit is a good place to learn new woodworking techniques, find new tools, and ask questions. It also has a forum where you can share your experiences. However, be sure to follow the community rules if you want to post in this subreddit.


The /r/woodworking subreddit is the home of all things woodworking, including furniture, toys, tools, wood and glue. Reddit users frequent this subreddit for its woodworking forums, which allow them to share their favorite projects, ask for advice and get inspired. In particular, r/woodworking is known for its impressive and well-executed DIY woodworking gizmos, which you may or may not be able to build yourself. If you have a love for the finer things in life, you’ll be sure to appreciate these top notch examples of woodworking aficionados in action. It’s also worth noting that this subreddit is a smorgasbord of impressive DIY wonders, so make sure to browse through all of the posts and vote for your favorites!


Woodworking hand tools are a great way to learn the skills needed for completing wood projects. It also provides a way to work with and appreciate the natural beauty of wood.

Whether you’re new to woodworking or just looking for a little help, this subreddit has everything you need. Here you can ask questions, get answers, and share photos of projects you’ve completed.

You can even submit links to how-to pages and videos. This is a place where everyone can find answers quickly and without judgment.

A hammer is a tool that can be used for driving nails in wood, so it’s one of the most important hand tools to have when you’re doing woodworking. There are many different types of hammers and you should choose the one that works best for you.

Another tool that every woodworker should have is a nail set. These are small tools that look like awls and they are used to drive nails into the wood so they’re flush with the surface or below it.


The /r/woodworking subreddit is home to all things woody from furniture gizmos to tools of the trade. A plethora of twerps are on hand to lend a helping hand and a few snazzy sexy ladies on the prowl for tips and tricks. You may have to be patient and brisk to get the most from the best of them all. a good rule of thumb is to avoid the temptation to trawl through the threads looking for the big daddy and the little ones.