marples chisels

Marples Chisels

marples chisels

The Marples chisel line has been around for a long time. They are well known for quality and precision among fine craftsmen and professional tradesmen.

They offer a wide variety of chisels to suit different applications. Some are specifically designed for fine woodworking, construction or high-impact work. They also offer a line of bevel edge chisels that are popular for bench work.

High-carbon solid-forged steel blades

The high-carbon solid-forged steel blades used in marples chisels are engineered for maximum edge retention and superior performance. These chisels are designed with the end user in mind and are intended for industrial business use. They are a great choice for builders and remodelers as well as fine woodworkers.

Carbon steel is a popular knife making steel because it is durable and easy to sharpen. It also has a good balance of manganese and phosphorus for increased strength, hardness, and machinability.

Another popular choice for blades is spring steel. This type of steel contains a percentage of silicon, which gives it the ability to withstand lateral twisting and bends better than plain carbon steel.

However, this hardness can be a downside to the sword as it is difficult to temper. If the sword is not properly tempered, it can easily bend and chip. That is why it is important to check the sword’s steel type with a Rockwell hardness file before purchasing one.

Bevel edge chisels

The IRWIN Marples M373 Splitproof Bevel Edge Wood Chisels are forged from one piece of steel with edges bevelled to enable easier working in tight corners. They are fitted with two tone splitproof plastic handles which will withstand heavy usage.

The blades are made from A2 tool steel which is hardened to Rockwell 60-62, cryogenically treated and double tempered. They have square, parallel edges and are ground to a 30o secondary bevel.

A boxed 6-piece set includes 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ widths. The chisels have indestructible polypropylene handles which withstand heavy mallet and hammer blows.

The IRWIN Marples MS500 Bevel Edge Wood Chisels feature a large metal striking cap which withstands hammer impacts, prolongs the life of the handle and prevent mushrooming. The ProTouch handles are designed to provide extra comfort, grip and reduce vibrations which help to reduce hand fatigue. These chisels are honed and sharpened ready for use out of the packet to save you time and effort.


Chisels are an essential tool in any woodworker’s arsenal. They help make cutting a wide variety of materials easier, and can also save time and money.

Marples chisels are made with high-carbon solid-forged steel blades and slim contoured handles. They are available in various sizes and have a range of features that provide exceptional performance.

Some chisels are designed for heavy-duty use and come with splitproof handles. This makes them a good choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Other chisels are designed for precise work and feature bevel edge blades. These chisels are ideal for making dovetails and coping with small corners.

The price of these chisels depends on the model and quality. However, the price is usually reasonable. In addition, they are built to last. The chisels are also available in various colors and styles. These chisels are suitable for builders and remodelers, as well as woodworkers. They are made with best-in-class steel that ensures superior sharpness and edge retention.