Marc Spagnuolo – The Wood Whisperer


Marc Spagnuolo, better known as the woodwhisperer, is an incredible example of how a woodworking entrepreneur can find success in the industry. This vlogger has been in the game for years and has built an impressive following through YouTube, blogs, and more. In this episode of the Woodpreneur podcast, Steve Larosiliere sits down with him to learn more about his journey as a woodworker and entrepreneur.

Marc Spagnuolo’s YouTube Channel

The Wood Whisperer is one of the more popular woodworking YouTube channels on the planet, and for good reason. Led by woodworker Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer’s videos are not only entertaining, but they also provide valuable information on everything from how to set up your bandsaw to how to make a treetop deck.

The Wood Whisperer is a fantastic resource for anyone who’s new to woodworking, and he’s been creating amazing videos since 2006. His channel has over 240,000 subscribers and his best-selling book has sold more than a million copies! He is also a featured speaker at the Nerdtacular conference in 2017. If you’re looking for a woodworking YouTube channel to watch, you can’t go wrong with The Wood Whisperer. It’s a must-watch for any woodworker!

Marc Spagnuolo’s Website

Marc Spagnuolo is a woodwhisperer who made his mark on YouTube with his first video back in 2006. His channel is now known as The Wood Whisperer, and his videos are some of the best woodworking content on the Internet. He uses a combination of power tools and hand tools in his shop, and his website is packed with valuable content for any woodworker.

In 2010, Marc and his wife Nicole started the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer charity event, which has raised over $25,000 for CancerCare since its inception. This year, they are encouraging people to build a child’s easel. For every easel built, a donation will be made to CancerCare. They also have a coffee mug and T-shirt available to raise money. For more information on the event, visit The Wood Whisperer. You can also donate to CancerCare directly. You can even download the plans for the easel for free. It’s a great project for kids to learn the art of woodworking and help people in need at the same time!

Marc Spagnuolo’s Blog

Marc Spagnuolo is a woodworker and blogger of note, and his blog is a great resource for woodworkers of all skill levels. This site offers a wealth of information on everything from beginner woodworking tips and techniques to advanced tips and tricks. It is also home to an impressive list of project ideas and instructions. In addition to the usual suspects, Spagnuolo also features a few tidbits of wisdom on avoiding mistakes and keeping your work area clean and clutter-free. It is no wonder that Marc Spagnuolo’s Hybrid Woodworking is one of the most popular websites on the web. Among other things, this site helps you to make the most of your tools.

Marc Spagnuolo’s Podcast

If you’re looking to learn more about the world of woodworking, Marc Spagnuolo’s YouTube channel, The Wood Whisperer, is a great place to start. The show showcases unique projects, fine woodworking techniques, shop tours and tool reviews. It also has an emphasis on creating furniture and fine arts. You can find Marc’s podcast on his channel or through the Podchaser app.

The Wood Talk Podcast is a light-hearted look at the latest news in woodworking, hosted by Marc Spagnuolo, Shannon Rogers and Matt Cremona. They share tips, tricks and advice with a fun, lighthearted approach. Their audience is made up of modern woodworkers and makers. They strive to create a woodworking podcast that’s fun and engaging, so you can listen while you work. Their episodes cover the latest woodworking trends, as well as interviews with woodworkers and other content creators. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in woodworking! They have more than 500 episodes to binge-listen to!