Makita Biscuit Joiner

The makita biscuit joiner is a handy power tool that can be used to make accurate and strong biscuit joints for furniture making, cabinet construction and fine woodworking.

It features a 6.5 amp motor and a durable carbide blade for cutting through tough hardwoods. It also offers six depth settings with one-touch stops for the most common biscuit sizes.


A biscuit joiner is a powerful tool that allows you to make quick and precise incisions into the edges of wood. It uses a biscuit to cut notches that are then filled with glue and used to join two pieces of wood together.

The result is a strong and reliable joint that prevents lateral movement in the workpiece, making it perfect for joining sheets of plywood, particle board and medium-density fibreboard. It is also sometimes used to replace mortise and tenon joints in solid wood, as biscuits are easy to make and almost as strong.

Makita was founded in 1915 and since then has developed a range of high quality tools that have become popular worldwide. Throughout the years, they have made great efforts to respect human rights and ensure good business ethics.

Ease of Use

Whether you’re a professional or an at-home woodworker, biscuit joiners are essential tools that can make your projects a breeze. These power tools create strong joints and flat surfaces that won’t compromise the natural beauty of the material you’re working with.

A powerful 5.6-amp motor delivers 11,000 rpm for fast, precise cutting in a wide range of materials. Cast aluminum pivot fence with three positive stops at 0 degree, 45 degree and 90 degree provides accurate incisions.

This electric plate joiner also features non-marring rubber inserts on its front shoe engineered to reduce slippage and improve grip on your workpiece. The tool-less blade cover and shaft lock also makes it easy to change the blade. Large cam locks facilitate angle guide and fence adjustments.

Dust Collection

The makita biscuit joiner features a dust port that works well with any Makita vacuum system to keep the work area clean. This is a good feature for woodworkers who spend a lot of time in the shop.

The tool also features a 4″ blade that cuts six depth settings with one-touch stops for the most common biscuit sizes. The tool has an impressive 5.6 Amp motor that produces 11,000 RPM for fast, accurate cutting in a variety of woods.

The PJ7000 also features a rack-and-pinion vertical fence system that is engineered for accuracy. The cast aluminum pivot fence has three positive stops at 0 degree, 45 degree and 90 degree, which makes it easy to center the cut. It also has large and easy to operate cam locks for angle guide and fence adjustments. The PJ7000 is a great choice for a variety of applications, including furniture making, cabinet construction and fine woodworking. It comes with a carbide-tipped blade, angle guide, dust bag and lock nut wrench.


A biscuit jointer is an excellent tool for making solid wood joints. It cuts notches in both pieces of wood you want to join, into which you insert and glue small pieces of compressed wood called biscuits. The result is a strong and reliable connection that resists lateral movement.

Biscuit joiners are a popular choice for joining sheet wood because they are easy to use and fast. They also offer great flexibility when working with varying thicknesses of wood.

Safety is one of the most important concerns when using power tools. That is why the makita biscuit joiner has several safety features that will help you keep your hands and body safe.

A good biscuit joiner should be ergonomic and lightweight, so it will not strain your wrists as you work. It should also be comfortable to hold and be easy to control.