Lee Valley Woodworking

lee valley woodworking

Lee Valley Woodworking is a mail-order business that has become popular among consumers, and has become a popular destination for the woodworking enthusiast. However, before you consider purchasing any products from the company, there are several things you should know about its operation and founder.


Lee Valley is a family-run business that started out as a mail-order company in the 1970s. Its first catalogue was published in 1978. In the years that followed, the company expanded into a high-end tool maker, a woodworking-related publishing company, and a gardening-themed retail chain.

Originally, Leonard and his wife, Lorraine, operated a mail-order company. They sold cast iron barrel stove kits. Eventually, the business grew into an enterprise whose 850 full-time employees supported 19 retail locations across Canada.

The company has been a major contributor to the national economy. For decades, the company has been a source of pride and satisfaction for its customers. But now, it is looking to connect with a younger demographic.

To that end, Lee Valley is working to develop new marketing strategies. One way it is doing so is through a new brand platform called #letsdosomething.

Mail-order business

Lee Valley is a Canadian woodworking mail-order business. The company started as a catalogue operation in 1978. Its primary product line is gardening tools, but it also supplies fine woodworking and cabinet hardware.

Since its start, the company has expanded to 18 stores across Canada, with plans to add two more in the Montreal area. The new store format includes more retail space at the front and less back-of-house/storage space.

In addition to its own factory line, the company has a research and development team that develops innovative designs. Many of the products that Lee Valley makes have a strong IP element.

Lee Valley Tools uses a number of forms of intellectual property (IP) to protect its trademarks. It also performs patent searches to avoid unnecessary licensing fees.

Catalogue operation

Lee Valley Tools is a Canadian company that sells tools for woodworking and gardening. Its products include chisels, measuring tools, and marking devices. The company also manufactures a line of cabinet hardware. In fact, almost a quarter of its products are designed and manufactured in Canada.

Leonard Lee founded Lee Valley Tools in 1978. He began the company by launching a small mail order business that sold tools and kitchen equipment. Eventually, he bought a machine shop in Ottawa.

Lee Valley expanded its operations by opening stores across the country. One opened in Almonte, Ont., in mid-2015. This is the chain’s 17th store in Canada, and the first to employ a new retail model.

Lee Valley has a reputation for offering high-quality tools. They are known for their selection of chisels, and they offer blanks in a variety of materials.


Lee Valley is a Canadian company that specializes in woodworking and gardening tools. It was started by Leonard Lee in Ottawa in 1978. Since then, the company has grown into a brand name that is emblematic of fine craftsmanship.

Lee Valley’s products are renowned for their quality and great customer service. They sell tools online and ship worldwide. The company has a strong reputation for offering high-quality tools that are made to last.

Lee Valley’s primary business is retail, but they also manufacture tools. Their manufacturing arm, Veritas Tools, produces woodworking planes, marking and measuring tools, sharpening equipment and more. They have more than 100 patents and are a leader in the design and development of woodworking tools.

In order to protect their brand and products, Lee Valley uses a variety of intellectual property (IP) strategies. Before deciding to file for a trademark, they do an initial cost benefit analysis. This will help them determine whether they’ll recover their investment through sales.


One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is to protect your IP. This is especially true if you are selling your wares abroad. You can do this with trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Some companies opt to register their logos and slogans so that they are easily identifiable from afar. They can also tailor their marketing strategies to cater to different markets. For example, if one market is more interested in kitchen gadgets, another may be more concerned with cabinet hardware.

Getting a patent is often not a cheap endeavour. However, it is a worthwhile investment. The cost of a patent is not necessarily recovered through sales, so it pays to be smart about it. It is not uncommon for Lee Valley to conduct a cost-benefit analysis before it applies for a patent.