jet wood lathe

Jet Wood Lathe

jet wood lathe

The JET 1221 Variable Speed Midi Lathe is designed to provide you with the ultimate control while turning. The 1221VS features cast iron construction, digital RPM readout, forward and reverse operation, patent-pending belt tension system, 24 indexable positions, vibration free operation and more.

This wood lathe is a great value that combines the features you want with the build quality you need. This makes it a good choice for both new and experienced wood turners.


A wood lathe is a powerful tool for carving, turning, drilling and sanding. It can be used for small projects, such as pens and rings, or for larger ones, such as bowls or segmented vessels.

The Jet 1221VS variable speed wood lathe is a great choice for crafters of any skill level because it provides accuracy, capability, and durability in an affordable package. It features cast iron construction, a digital RPM readout, forward and reverse operation, a patent-pending belt tension system, 24 index positions and more that help you get the job done right.

A metal lathe is a bulky machine that requires space in a separate workshop, unlike the benchtop models of a wood lathe. It is best to use it in a professional shop where you can focus on the job at hand without any distractions.


Whether you’re working on bowls, spindles or any other woodturning project, the jet lathe has the power you need to get the job done. With a powerful 1 hp motor, you’ll be able to turn pieces fast and with a lot of control.

Depending on the model, some have a digital RPM readout that makes it easy to set the right speed for the workpiece you’re turning. These lathes also have low and high pulley settings that give you distinct speed ranges.

For example, if you are turning a bowl, the higher pulley setting will allow more torque to turn the piece at lower speeds. However, if you are using the lathe for threading and detail work, the lower pulley setting will allow you to get the job done faster while maintaining excellent control over your workpiece.

This makes the jet wood lathe a great choice for beginner and intermediate woodturners alike. It’s affordable and comes with all the basic features that most woodturners are looking for in a lathe.


Using a lathe is not a risk-free activity, but with proper knowledge and understanding of safety procedures it can be a rewarding experience. To ensure your safety, read the Owner/Operator’s Manual and any other information about the machine you are using.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines are also good sources for safety tips. Wear Personal Protective Equipment such as a full face shield whenever the lathe is turned on, tie back long hair or put it into a bun, and avoid loose clothing or objects that can catch on rotating parts or accessories.

When working on projects that will extend more than 3 X the diameter of the workpiece, it is important to support the wood with a sturdy base or tool rest. This will help prevent any vibrations caused by the rotating mass, motor, belts or the drive system itself from causing your woodwork to whip around.


The jet wood lathe is a great option for beginners and advanced woodworkers who want a versatile machine that can turn bowls, spindles and craft projects. Its powerful electric motor makes it ideal for both small and large projects.

In addition to this, the jet wood lathe is also easy to store. It comes with a sturdy cast-iron bed that can minimize vibrations during operation.

Moreover, it has convenient headstock functions that pivot in different angles to cater to the user’s needs. This feature is helpful in achieving accurate cuts or drills.

This mini lathe can accommodate workpieces up to 12 inches long and 8 inches in diameter. It also features a 21-inch bed extension to expand the turning capacity.