rockler dust collector

How to Choose a Rockler Dust Right Dust Collector

rockler dust collector

If you’re looking for a dust collector that can handle a variety of applications, look no further than the Rockler Dust Right. It’s a powerful, portable wall-mount machine that moves air with ease and is fairly priced.

It has great filtration options, works with standard 4″ dust collection fittings and uses Rockler’s Quick Change system. It’s also portable, easy to install and includes a Y-adapter for multiple hoses.

Filtration Options

The dust collector you choose should be able to move a lot of air. If your tools need a high CFM output, you’ll want to pick a system that has at least a 3 HP motor.

These are powerful, and will pull up to 2200 CFM of air per minute. They are also rated at 10+ inches of static pressure, so they can handle the heavy ductwork necessary in most home shops.

For the first stage of filtration, most single-stage dust collectors use a bag filter. These are fine for most woodworking applications, but a more efficient option is to go with a premium pleated fabric filter. These remove particles down to 1 micron, which is a big deal.

Dust Bags

If you’re looking for a replacement dust bag for your Rockler wall mount dust collector, look no further. This heavy-duty cloth bag attaches easily and provides 30-micron protection from dust particles caused by sawing, routing, drilling and other shop duties.

Rockler’s portable Dust Right dust collector is a great choice for those who want a powerful, easy to move system that doesn’t take up much floor space. It’s wall-mountable and works well with standard 4″ dust collection fittings, fairly priced and compatible with many other accessories for additional filtration options.

It’s a heavy unit, but it left my jointer’s chamber very clean during our test. The hose is long enough to handle a large number of passes, and it doesn’t gobble up floor space. It comes with the smallest plastic chip bag, but you can replace that with a taller bag from Rockler to improve your capacity.

Blast Gates

Blast gates are an easy way to maximize the performance of your dust collection system. These hose ports feature a sliding gate that opens and closes to control airflow in your dust collection line.

Designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, these gates are available in 5 different OD sizes that fit 2-1/2 inch to 6-inch ID ducts, pipes and fittings. The best part is that they are a breeze to install and use!

Besides the obvious function of controlling the flow of air, blast gates also help to save valuable workshop floor space by cutting off suction to tools that are not in use. This is especially true with a modern high-efficiency dust collector system that can handle multiple power tools at the same time.

Hoses & Ducts

The hoses and ducts you use for your dust collector will have a significant impact on the overall performance and safety of the system. There are a few different options to consider, including a wide range of urethane material handling hoses and anti-static dust collection ducts.

Static electricity is a major concern when using ducts in sensitive environments. This is because dust particles create friction that results in a charge, which can build up in large amounts and eventually cause an electrical shock or fire.

Anti-static hoses work by swiftly moving these charges away from the ends of the duct and to the surface, so that they do not accumulate. These hoses are often seen in woodworking and furniture plants, pharmaceuticals, vacuum cleaners, and homes where static accumulation is a serious issue.