fiskars micro tip pruning

Fiskars Micro Tip Pruning Snips

fiskars micro tip pruning

Fiskars micro tip pruning snips are a great tool for pruning branches. These snips feature a micro tip that is designed to be comfortable to use. This means that you can prune your plants in a way that will not damage them.


Fiskars Micro Tip Pruning Shears are an ideal tool for precise, fast cutting. These pruners feature a spring-action mechanism and precision-ground edges for clean and healthy cuts. The non-stick coating reduces jamming and offers a secure grip. For added comfort, there is an easy-open lock that protects the blades when they are not in use. With large handle loops and Softgrip touchpoints, the handles are comfortable to hold. This makes the Micro Tip Pruning Shears a great choice for any hobby or garden trim.

In addition to the Easy Action mechanism, the Micro Tip Pruning Shears also feature a non-stick coating and a patented softgrip design that helps to reduce hand stress when cutting. This is especially beneficial for those who have arthritis or are performing repetitive tasks. Each blade automatically opens after each cut, and the spring-action design helps to keep your hand from tiring out. You can also purchase a blade cover to keep the blades protected when they are not in use.