Finding a Wood Shop Near Me

Whether you’re looking to build a woodworking project or just want to add some pieces to your home, finding a wood shop near you is the key. You’ll need to get the right wood, tools and supplies, and you’ll need a place that stocks them all.

Luckily, New York City is full of options to choose from. This list includes a few of the best places to find high quality lumber and supplies in NYC.

Niagara Lumber

Niagara Lumber is a great place to shop for lumber and other woodworking supplies. They have a fantastic selection of domestic and exotic woods and even offer cutting services for your project. They also have a good selection of power tools and are an authorized dealer for Laguna, Rikon, Powermatic and Jet. They are located in East Aurora, NY and can be reached through their website or by phone.

McQueens is a family owned and operated business that sells mostly kiln dried local hardwood and some custom work as well. They do a lot of woodturning and can make custom log slices for your projects or to turn into beautiful shelving. They also have a variety of wooden boxes and small things like butcher blocks and cutting boards.

Singh Hardwood

Singh Hardwood is a good bet for any wood enthusiast looking to complete a project. Located in Far Rockaway, NY, they boast a 35,000 sqft warehouse stuffed with hardwoods and other home improvement products. Their selection is vast, and their knowledgeable sales associates will provide you with a wood-specific design plan. You can also count on them for the finest woodworking tools on the market. Founded in 2014, they’re currently the largest wood shop in New York City. They offer a range of services from sourcing to installing, with a focus on hardwoods and specialty lumber. Their website is also well worth a visit, with a large selection of helpful design guides and product images. The store’s most recent import is a new product, the Chevron Floor, from UK based Havwoods International.

Prince Lumber

Prince Lumber offers an array of building materials, hardware, and other essentials for DIY projects. The family-owned business has been an essential part of New Yorker’s construction needs since 1923, with a tradition of providing the perfect products for every project size and skill level.

They have a large selection of hardwood lumber, including species such as oak, maple, and poplar. All of their wood is planed and cut square, which eliminates the need for additional milling services or squaring up the boards yourself.

The company also sells plywood, which is ideal for applications that require strong, cost-effective sheet material. They stock exterior plywood and sheathing, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), fire-rated plywood, and other specialized sheet products.

Valente Lumber

Valente Lumber in Averill Park isn’t your typical lumber yard. It’s a multi-generational lumber business that started in 1925, primarily serving local contractors and wholesalers. The mill carries a large assortment of fine hardwoods as well as dozens of other wood products.

They also offer a variety of specialized millwork products spanning a range of construction trades from commercial to residential. The mill is impressive to say the least, but what stands out is the fact that it’s family owned and operated. Unlike some lumberyards that hire out for big time acrobatics, the Valentes pride themselves on keeping it small and personal. Their 14 employees are a fun and friendly bunch. They’re sure to make you feel right at home in their warm and inviting showrooms.

NYC Slab

NYC Slab offers a wide range of wood slabs for projects including tabletops, conference room tables and more. They have about 150,000 board feet of wood on hand so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect piece to complement your project.

They also sell reclaimed wood and tree stumps. They even have a special offering of water tank reclaimed wood which is a unique piece of NYC history that you can use for your next project.

Midtown Lumber is another great place to go if you are looking for pre-cut hardwood lumber. They are located in the Bronx and offer a good selection of hardwood and softwoods. They also provide cutting services if you are not able to cut your own lumber. This is an excellent service for any woodworker who doesn’t have the space or tools to do it themselves.