easy indoor gardening ideas

Easy Indoor Gardening Ideas For Your Apartment

easy indoor gardening ideas

If you love gardening but aren’t able to spend a lot of time out there, there are a few easy indoor gardening ideas that you can start using in your apartment. You can use herbs, microgreens, potted plants, and even desert scaping.

Hanging plants

Hanging plants are a great way to bring some life to an otherwise dull room. They can also help to fill up an empty corner. The best part is that hanging plants can be kept in many different containers.

You can put your plant in a hanging basket or hang it on a shelf. A good place to hang it is on a ceiling. Another great idea is to hang a collection of them at different heights. There are several types of plants that will look good in hanging baskets, including the exotic cactus, the Boston fern, the spider plant, the lipstick plant, the arrowhead vine, and the inch plant.

Potted plants

It’s easy to make your house feel alive with potted plants. Not only are they great for the aesthetics, but they can also remove toxins from your air.

You can create an indoor garden with almost any type of container. Using candle jars, food containers, or other recycled materials, you can create a vignette or even a whole new garden. For a fun, low-maintenance terrarium, you can fill a jar with moss, succulents, and other greenery.

In addition to adding color, plants can also improve your mental health. A few large plants can provide a dramatic focal point. They can be placed in a high-ceilinged room for a bold look.


If you want to add plants to your indoor space, you can try terrariums. These are a great way to make your indoor space more lively. Terrariums are usually made from a variety of glass containers. You can choose from a jar, bell jar, fish tank, or even a goldfish bowl.

When choosing terrarium plants, pick ones that can grow in regular soil. Terrariums are humid, so it is important to keep the soil moist. It is also best to choose plants that can grow in low light.

Some of the plants that you can plant in a terrarium are mosses, succulents, and air plants. There are also a number of ferns that you can use. The ferns can help add a lot of volume to your terrarium.

Herb gardens

Creating an indoor herb garden is a great way to keep your favorite herbs alive and fresh. It’s easy and low-maintenance, and doesn’t require a lot of space.

The key to success is knowing your herb’s water needs. Make sure you have plenty of saucers to catch excess water and protect the surface.

Some of the easiest herbs to grow in an indoor garden are mint, basil, and cilantro. All these herbs like direct sunlight, so make sure you have a window in your home with ample exposure. For most herbs, at least six hours of sun is necessary for optimal growth.

Another easy and low-maintenance indoor herb garden idea is to keep them in pots. This gives your herbs a new look and helps to control them.


If you live in a hot climate, you might be interested in desert-scaping indoor gardening ideas. There are many succulents that you can plant in your garden, as well as many common houseplants that can bring color and life to your room.

To create a desert-scaping indoor gardening idea, you’ll need to plan ahead. Desert gardens have special needs for water and soil. You’ll want to choose plants that have shallow roots, which can survive dry conditions.

You can use rocks to enhance your landscaping design. They can add height, texture, and background, as well as provide a dramatic effect.

Large rock coverage can be a great way to fill in a large space. You can also break up a big yard into sections with a variety of smaller boulders.


Microgreens are one of the easiest crops to grow. You only need a small amount of soil, a sunny window, and good air flow. It’s a great way to add fresh, green color to your meals without much effort.

There are a wide variety of vegetables and herbs that work well as microgreens. Some of the more popular choices include cilantro, broccoli, basil, dill, and chia seeds.

The best microgreens are those that have interesting tastes. They are usually a mix of peppery and mediterranean flavors, which make them ideal for garnishing stir fries and curries.

If you don’t have a lot of space, microgreens are an easy way to add a pop of color to your meals. They’re also extremely nutritious and low maintenance.