CNC Woodworking Machines

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The word CNC is not just a euphemism. It is a term that refers to the use of computer-controlled mills and other machines to produce various forms of wood, metal and plastic. But what exactly are these machines, and why are they so popular?

Infinite Abyss

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Avid CNC PRO4896

The Avid CNC PRO4896 is a four-axis CNC router designed for woodworking professionals. This router can be used to cut plywood, MDF, hardwood, aluminum, and mild steel. It has a base frame made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum, which helps provide rigidity to the frame.

There are two spindles available for the PRO4896. A 4-hp VFD spindle comes standard with a 1/2″ ER20 collet. Alternatively, the router can be upgraded to a 5×10 machine.

The PRO4896 CNC’s gantry is made of welded steel. However, welded steel does not offer the flexibility that other CNC routers do. As a result, this machine needs a gear rack or rails to achieve linear motion.

Avid CNC also offers a rotary axis kit, which allows users to index workpieces. Additionally, the company sells a proximity kit. These kits help prevent the gantry from colliding with the frame.


BobsCNC is a company that makes CNC woodworking machines. Its CNCs have a sturdy gantry style frame. This type of chassis is ideal for hobbyist applications.

The company has two models in its Evolution series: the E3 and the Evolution 4. Both machines are designed to cut and engrave acrylic, wood, foam, plastic, and aluminum. They also have user-swappable parts.

BobsCNC offers a free 30-day trial. There are paid CAM and CAD software programs available. Users can consult the BobsCNC website or Facebook group for more information.

The company’s latest model, the Evolution 4, has a bigger cutting area. The machine can machine workpieces up to 2ft. by 2ft., but the area can be expanded with the Evolution 4 extension kit.

The Evolution 4 has a spindle that is good for machining wood and soft materials. The spindle can reach a maximum speed of 30,000 rpm. In addition, it has dual insulation and a good dust protection.

Carbide 3D

Carbide 3D is one of the best CNC milling machines for hobbyists and professionals alike. It can cut plastics, metals, and woods. Despite its high price tag, Carbide 3D is known for its US-based customer support, a 30-day warranty, and a forum that is a good place to get support from other users.

In addition to the standard Shapeoko CNC router, Carbide 3D offers two other models, a Shapeoko HDZ mount and a Shapeoko XXL, both of which are excellent choices for professional and hobbyists. The XXL offers a larger cutting area, making it ideal for those with big jobs.

For starters, Carbide 3D makes its own control board for the Shapeoko 4. The board comes in a metallic enclosure and has a built-in heat sink. It also uses four stepper motor drivers.