home depot dust collector

Choosing a Home Depot Dust Collector

home depot dust collector

Dust is a major problem in workshops and homes, as it can damage tools and affect the air quality. Fortunately, there are many options for a dust collector to help you keep your workspace clean.

Typically, a dust collector will feature a powerful motor, a suction tube and a reusable filter. Some collectors are equipped with micron bags that trap dangerous 1-micron particles.


The air in a shop quickly becomes contaminated by the large amounts of sawdust and dust that are produced when using stationary and bench-top power tools. This can coat the floor, impair visibility, and damage blades and machinery. A dust collector will clean the air and protect the health of your employees and surrounding environment by removing the particulates before they are inhaled. The most efficient dust collectors are a high volume, low pressure (HVLP) design. They in-take contaminated air across source capture hoods, which can be as large as 20 feet wide and 20 feet high, or in-take ductwork throughout a facility that encompasses specific operations or assembly areas.

Depending on your needs, a home depot dust collector can be equipped with micron bags that catch 1-micron particles. Some models also include a totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor that delivers long-lasting performance with reduced motor wear. If you plan to use the unit frequently, look for a compact air filtration system that can easily be emptied.


Cyclones are large air masses that circulate around an area of low atmospheric pressure. These are often called hurricanes or typhoons in the Atlantic and Pacific regions.

In our woodworking shops they can cause significant dust problems because of the way they lift and agitate our dust. These air currents stir up and re-circulate all of the tiny, invisible wood dust that can’t be weighed or counted.

These airborne 30-micron and smaller particles are not only visible in a room, they also blow outside unless the dust collector or cyclone is fire and explosion proof. That makes it illegal to place a commercial dust collector or cyclone in a shop and venting outside without a costly fire and explosion certification.

The simplest way to get around this problem is by using a cyclone separator. These can be standalone units that tether to your vacuum source or they can be pre-filtered units that pair with a larger dust collection system.