alocasia green shield care tips

Alocasia Green Shield Care Tips

alocasia green shield care tips

When you’re growing an alocasia green shield, it’s important to keep your plant happy. These easy-to-grow plants need the following four things to thrive: Light, Water, Soil, and Temperature.

Alocasia are warm-growing plants that like temperatures ranging from 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. They also grow well under artificial lights, especially if your home doesn’t get much natural sunlight.


The Alocasia Green Shield, a tropical plant that’s often mistaken for an elephant ear due to its thick leaves, can be an impressive addition to your home. But it’s important to know how to care for alocasia plants properly to ensure their longevity and health.

Alocasia green shields thrive in filtered or bright indirect light, but don’t expose them to direct sunlight because it will burn their leaves. This is especially true if you bring the plant outdoors in the warmer months.

It’s also important to avoid overwatering your alocasia, as this can cause root rot. Using well-draining potting soil and watering only when the pot’s drainage holes are clogged is key to keeping your plant happy.

Be aware of any signs that your alocasia is becoming root-bound to know when it’s time for repotting. This can include roots poking out from the bottom of the drainage hole, slower growth, or an insatiably thirsty plant. Repot your alocasia every 2 years or so and make sure to replace the potting soil mix with fresh, well-draining soil.


Water is vital to the survival of all plants, but especially so for Alocasia Green Shield. They need to be hydrated enough so the soil stays moist but not too wet, as too much moisture can lead to fungal infections which can quickly kill the plant.

The best way to ensure this is to choose a well-draining potting mix that will allow the roots of the plant to drink as much water as it needs. It also helps if the pot you use has drainage holes at the bottom.

Alocasia Green Shield is a warm loving plant which will grow well indoors provided it receives sufficient light and moisture. However it should not be placed in areas with low temperatures as this may cause it to enter a die back dormancy.


Having the right soil is essential for healthy alocasia green shield growth. These tropical plants grow well in a potting soil mix that’s both aerated and well-draining. They’ll also appreciate frequent watering, but make sure you don’t overwater.

As a tropical plant, alocasias are not frost-resistant and will suffer damage if exposed to temperatures lower than 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). This is why it’s best to keep them indoors during the winter.

Alocasia green shields are very sensitive to humidity. It is ideal for the plant to have a 50% to 60% level of air moisture, but they can also tolerate a slightly lower amount.

Alocasia green shields are a great plant for home gardens and can be easily grown with a few simple care tips. If you follow these alocasia green shield care tips, you can be confident your plant will thrive and be happy in your home for years to come.


Alocasia Green Shield prefers a temperature range of 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This is ideal for indoors and makes it easy to care for this plant.

This tropical plant is a hybrid elephant ear that originated from the rainforests of the South Pacific. When grown inside, these plants are happiest near a sunny window that receives indirect light.

In the winter, if low light and low temperatures occur, these plants may enter a dormancy cycle. This will result in the leaves dropping and the plant becoming an underground corm.

The best way to avoid this dormancy is to move the plant to a warmer location as it gets closer to the Winter months.

This plant also requires plenty of water. This is why it’s important to water regularly to keep the soil evenly moist.