dewalt biscuit joiner

A Dewalt Biscuit Joiner Can Make Joining Pieces of Wood Easier

dewalt biscuit joiner

A biscuit joiner is a specialty tool that makes it easier to align wood pieces during glue-up. These joints use a hardwood disc, or biscuit, which swells slightly in machined grooves to create a strong connection.

Dewalt has introduced a new cordless biscuit joiner for their 20V Max platform. This model can make up to 300 joints (600 cuts) per charge.


A dewalt biscuit joiner is a specialty tool that can make joining pieces of wood easier and provide a stronger hold than a traditional glue-up. The joint derives its strength from a wooden disc, known as a biscuit, that is placed in slots machined into the workpieces.

Typically, woodworkers first mark the spots on each board where they want to insert biscuits. Next, they use a biscuit joiner to cut the slot in each of the marked spots.

The DCW682 20V Biscuit Joiner, part of DEWALT’s XRTM premium line of tools, delivers up to 300 joints or 600 cuts per charge** for powerful, consistent cutting performance in a wide range of wood-based materials. At just 5.5 lbs (tool only), the biscuit joiner is an ideal addition to any shop or jobsite.


Biscuit joiners are the stuff of woodworkers dreams and come in a wide variety of sizes to suit every budget. Using a small circular saw to cut shallow, crescent shaped slots in two opposing pieces of wood is no small feat and will make you a more efficient woodworker all the way around. The best way to do this is by buying a high-end model that is capable of delivering the goods with minimal fuss and tear. For the home woodworker, a five-amp motor should be on your short list of requirements, while professional carpenters will be looking for something in the range of seven to eight amps. It’s also a good idea to buy a unit with the most durable power cord, and take precautions when storing it away from your other tools.


A biscuit joiner is a powerful woodworking tool that enables you to create strong and sturdy joints. Using a small circular saw blade, it cuts slots in two pieces of wood, and then inserts a glue-covered biscuit into the slot. The biscuit locks into place and binds the two together, creating an extremely strong joint.

Biscuits come in different sizes, including small (#0), medium (#10), and large (#20). To accommodate these, most biscuit joiners have settings that allow you to adjust for deeper or shallower cuts – some cutting as deep as 3/4 inches, others requiring a blade change.

A dewalt biscuit joiner is a great option for professionals who need quick, accurate results. It has a powerful motor that makes short work of creating slots for your biscuits, saving you time and providing you with extra-precise work.


A biscuit joiner is a specialty power tool that makes joining two pieces of wood quick and simple. These machines use glue-applied biscuits in slots to lock and join workpieces together.

Biscuit joiners can be used for making a variety of projects, including boxes, frames, and cabinets. They’re also a great option for lining up joints when alignment is critical.

These tools require a lot of practice to use properly. You should start with scrap materials and practice on different woods of various thicknesses.

Many biscuit joiners have barrel grips or D-handles that allow you to wrap your hand around the joiner more easily. They’re also easier to handle and maneuver for long sessions.


For quick, reliable alignment and joining of project parts, nothing beats a biscuit joiner. The tool cuts slots in mating pieces, inserts a biscuit and then adds glue.

This type of joint provides superior lateral stability and prevents buckling. Its main use is edge-joining wood panels, such as a table top or bookshelf.

Biscuit jointers come in a variety of styles and handle options, including barrel grips and D-handles. Barrel grips extend the tool’s body for greater control, while D-handles mount on its motor casing for a more ergonomic grip.