8 Inch Jointer – What You Need to Know Before Buying

A jointer is one of the most useful tools you can own if you’re into woodworking. It allows you to make perfectly smooth cuts in wood to create a beautiful piece of furniture. However, if you’re thinking about purchasing one of these machines, there are several things you need to consider before making your purchase.

Shop Fox W1741SW

The Shop Fox W1741SW 8 inch jointer has all the bells and whistles. Among them is a three horsepower motor, a massive cast iron center mounted fence and a full complement of tools in the box. It also has a built-in mobile base and an extra long infeed table. The machine has a nifty little mechanism to lock and unlock the aforementioned aforementioned base. This model is also certified to CSA standards, as a matter of fact. The W1741SW is well worth the hefty price tag, and will certainly stand the test of time. As far as tooling goes, this machine is worthy of a high five and a pat on the back.


If you’re looking for an 8 inch jointer that’s durable and built to last, you should look at the Grizzly G0495X. It’s designed to give you an even finish while keeping the noise down. You can also lock the bars in place at different points on the table for extra support, which makes it great for long workpieces.

The Grizzly G0495X has a parallelogram bed, which allows you to fine-tune the infeed and outfeed tables. There are 16 high-speed steel inserts that sit perpendicular to the workpiece. They’re heat treated and hardened for wear resistance. Also, the cutterhead is a spiral type, which will keep the machine quieter and give you smoother finishes.

The Grizzly G0495X’s bed measures 83 inches, which means you won’t have to move around too much while using it. Furthermore, the rack and pinion adjusting fence is easy to reach, and the infeed and outfeed tables are adjustable.


The Baileigh Industrial IJ-875 8-inch jointer is a great choice for those on a tight budget. It features a 3-1/4 inch cutter head with a straight four-row helical blade, running at 5,600 rpm. Plus, the IJ-875 is built to be extremely accurate. It also has positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees, and a fence that is 4-3/4″ x 38″, with a quick adjustment lever.

Baileigh is known for its metalworking machinery and is well-established in the field. In fact, they have been offering woodworking machines for four years. With their commitment to delivering quality products and customer service, they have earned a reputation as one of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Rikon offers an 8-inch jointer. It’s made of stainless steel and has a helix cutter head. It is quieter than a straight-knife style.

Benchtop Cutech

If you are looking for a versatile and affordable benchtop jointer, then you should check out the Shop Fox W1829. It has many amazing features. For one thing, it has a large cast-iron table that is extremely stable and reliable.

The table is long enough to handle larger lumber. Moreover, it is extendable. This means that it can handle 51 inches of usable support.

The fence on this jointer is also high-quality. With its 4-sided carbide inserts, it gives a smoother finish than other cutterheads. Also, it can be adjusted from 90 to 135 degrees. That means that you get positive stops even when working at angles.

This jointer is ideal for any artisan or hobbyist who wants to do some woodworking. It is lightweight and portable, but still powerful. Plus, it has all the features of more expensive products.

Common questions about jointers

A jointer is a tool designed to make smoother surfaces. They come in a variety of sizes. Some are even portable. Jointers are great for large lumber pieces and are a must have for woodworkers. But, selecting the best one can be a bit daunting. The following guide should make the process easier.

First, find the right type of jointer for your needs. This could be a simple portable one, a benchtop version, or something in between. Make sure you read the reviews to determine which one will work for you. Also, take into account where you will be storing the machine. For example, if you want it near your bench, you’ll be happier with a model with a sturdy cast iron bed and fence. If you need portability, try a sturdily built aluminum version.